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Mechanics Lien Law Attorney, Stephen J. Mooney

Mechanics lien law is highly specialized and complex. As such, individuals who are seeking the assistance of an Orange County mechanics lien lawyer to help with a lien problem would do well to hire a firm that has a proven track record of success. Stephen J. Mooney, Attorney at Law will work hard on your behalf to make sure that any inappropriate liens are removed.

California’s Unique Mechanics Lien Law

While all states have laws in place which protect contractors from non-payment of supplies and services, California is the only state that constitutionally guarantees contractors the right to impose liens. Article XIV, Section 3 extends the right to record a lien to:

• Design Professionals
• Licensed Contractors
• Material suppliers
• Artisans
• Laborers

The constitution calls for prompt enforcement of these liens. The notion of mechanics liens in the United States had its inception with Thomas Jefferson. Thus, laws have been in place for over 300 years to allow contractors this unique remedy.

Why Contractors Need Mechanics Liens Laws

Contractors are essentially caught in the middle. If they acquire materials to complete a job, they need assurance that the owner of the property will pay them so that they can pay the suppliers. When non-payment is at issue, then, the entire chain of payment is broken. Another problem is that the work of contractors is different from that provided by workers in other areas. For instance, if you purchase a refrigerator but fail to make payments, the creditor can repossess the refrigerator. A contractor cannot un-build a structure he has erected.

Protection from Mechanics Liens

While a business that makes its livelihood by creating room additions or swimming pools should be able to recover for non-payment of services when they are rendered, all too often the home or business owner is forced to pay twice when the contractor fails to pay suppliers or subcontractors.

Our Orange County mechanics lien law firm will help you if a lien has been placed upon your property. We can also help you avoid double payment of costs when the contractor doesn’t pay suppliers. You can do this by having a thorough knowledge of the contractor and other subcontracts. You should only work with a contractor who possesses a valid state license, and make sure that suppliers and subcontractors also hold such licenses. Finally, set up a schedule that indicates when work should be completed, as well as when payment will be made.

We Strive to Provide the Highest Quality Legal Services. We at the Law Offices of Stephen J. Mooney are uncompromising in our pursuit of providing excellent representation for our clients. Call an Orange County mechanics lien lawyer at (888) 466-5559. We primarily represent clients in Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County. However, no address is too far. We can represent anyone in the entire State of California.